Bad Monkey Beer (坏猴子啤酒)

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Welcome to the Bad Monkey Brewery! We are a foreign owned brewery located in the picturesque old town of Dali, in Yunnan Province, China. We have been producing hand-crafted beer for the local market since the summer of 2010. Since then we have quickly gained a reputation from both local residents and visiting tourists for producing some of the best beer in China.

The History

The Bad Monkey Brewery is the brainchild of Carl Oakley and Scott Williams, two Englishmen who have made China their home for the best part of a decade. They have been running Dali’s most successful foreign-owned bar, the Bad Monkey, since 2003. In that time the Bad Monkey Bar has become a Yunnan institution, popular with local residents and tourists alike, a name well-known throughout China and beyond.

Determined to cement the reputation of the Bad Monkey and bring something new to China, they looked to their own heritage and culture.

The Inspiration

England has a long tradition of brewing, and a social culture based around meeting friends and family in local bars, to drink beer and share experiences. In 2007, Carl and Scott travelled to California to conduct extensive research in to the thriving micro-brewery scene revolutionising beer drinking in North America.

They toured some of the world’s most successful craft breweries, interviewing many people in the brewing industry. What they saw and heard impressed Carl and Scott. These breweries focused on the quality of ingredients, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. This enabled them to produce delicious beers that virtually sold themselves, develop reputable brands, and build successful businesses. Carl and Scott knew it was time to bring this ethos of quality ingredients, professional pride, and the microbrew culture to China.

The Brewery

Now the hard work began, making the brewery a reality. Essential to producing a quality beer is the water used in the brewing process, and we have some of the best water in China. We built our brewery on the site of a 1000-year old natural mountain spring, which provides all the water used in our brewing process.

Dedication to Excellence

After sourcing the best water available, it was essential to maintain quality throughout the brewing process. We have imported the best quality hops, malt, and yeast from around the globe, from as far away as the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Australia. However, we are proud to brew in China and have searched for, and found great ingredients within China.

After a solid team effort and many dedicated man-hours, the Bad Monkey Brewery produced its first beer for public consumption in the summer of 2010, announcing its arrival on the craft brewery scene with a grand party that was featured on local television.

Our Tasty Brews

We brought in brew-masters from Hungary, the US and UK as consultants in developing our unique range of full-flavoured beers. Having created in excess of 25 styles of beer, and conducted extensive taste testing (the fun part of this business) we have selected a core range of three brews: a Stout, an Amber Beer, and a Pale Ale. We also have rotating speciality brews that feature at various times of the year. Our experimenting and adventurous spirit in all things beer has delighted thousands of beer drinkers, both familiar with and new to craft beer, and created a buzz about our brews that is resonating throughout China and beyond.

The Story So Far

Since opening the brewery we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both Chinese and foreigners alike. Carl and Scott learned years ago that in a tourist town like Dali, a business could only truly succeed if it maintained itself throughout off-season trade. Unlike micro-breweries in Shanghai, Beijing or other major cities with large foreign populations, the majority of our customers are Chinese. From the first day in developing our beers, our main focus has been on introducing excellent craft beers to the Chinese market. This is what makes us unique on the Chinese craft-brewery scene.

The growing popularity of our beer with Chinese locals and tourists, as well as foreigners, and the large number of return customers we receive has encouraged us to expand our brewery and distribute our beer throughout China.

So What Happens Next?

While some believe that craft beers are a taste that China is acquiring slowly, and only in the cosmopolitan and wealthy mega-cities of the east, our experience has taught us otherwise. Chinese consumers are flexible with their beer choices, and are open to the stronger, more full-bodied brews we produce.

We take pride in our beers, and as other successful craft breweries in Beijing and Shanghai have shown, China is ready for the craft-beer movement, and we are determined to be at the forefront of this beer revolution.

Are you ready to join us?

Then We Want to Hear From You

We are always interested in hearing from like-minded people, so if you like what we do, and have a thirst for craft-brew culture and our unique range of beers, then please contact us at You can also learn more about the Bad Monkey Bar and Bad Monkey Beer on our Facebook pages ( and or Weibo (

Or Better Still

Come and visit us in person. There is no better place to visit in China. Dali has some of the best weather in China and is positioned between one of China’s largest lakes to the east, and the stunning foothills of the Himalays to the west. There is no better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon than with one of our beers in this relaxing setting. We look forward to seeing you soon.



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